Gigglebug Entertainment is an animation IP studio based in Finland. We create, develop and produce positive kids content with multi-platform distribution and global growth potential. Our company’s mission is to make fun stuff with a purpose!  


Anttu Harlin


Anttu Harlin is CEO and producer at Gigglebug Entertainment. He’s also co-creator and writer of Gigglebug, the company’s first hit TV series and app collection. Anttu is a dynamic entrepreneur who is passionate about high quality kids content.

Joonas Utti


Joonas Utti is creative director at Gigglebug Entertainment and co-creator, story artist, designer and director of Gigglebug. Joonas is an animation craftsman of a rare breed and an artist who combines overarching vision with meticulous attention to detail.



The studio is set up in Helsinki, Finland. We’re a team of 15 people, combining end-to-end skills for animation production digital content. We are able to go from original idea to delivery in-house. It takes a tightly knit team with overlapping skill sets, keeping production fun, flexible and efficient. That said, we also work with writers, artists, studios and game companies from around the world.  During 2019, we will be growing our pre-production and story artist teams.  Our studio is located close to a primary school and a kindergarten, who collaborate with us on informative research and testing.  We’re proud of having a unique environment for creating kids content - a friendly HQ with top professionals passionate about animation.



Everyone knows someone with a special laugh – and Gigglebug has one of the greatest laughs ever. It‘s his gift, his innate ability and the key to transforming attitudes, which ultimately shakes loose every gummed-up situation he runs across.  Gigglebug is a 360-degree brand which has been launched by successful apps in 2013. Whether it is Gigglebug TV-series, Gigglebug apps, Gigglebug books or Gigglebug music, we ask ourselves: Does this experience make kids smile? Is it character driven? What is the unique strength of this platform? By answering these questions, we give ourselves tools for creating a long lasting pre-school favourite. See more at consumer site:

Best & Bester

Best & Bester is a “buddy comedy on steroids” about two friends who can transform themselves into whatever they want, once per day — but figuring out what’s the best thing to be can be pretty tricky when you can be anything! At heart,  Best & Bester centres around kids’ freedom to express their opinion and the multitude of possibilities that exist for them in the world. Best & Bester is a multi-platform brand, the TV series consists of 78 x 7 minute episodes and it is paired with shorts, gifs and a messaging game. The IP is currently in development with our wonderful co-production partner, Eye Present, out of London.

101 Dalmatian Street

We are honoured to be part of the team that has given life to the reboot of the classic Disney property, now as a series! “101 Dalmatian Street” is set in the modern day, in the London borough of Camden. It is inspired by Dodie Smith’s 1956 novel and Walt Disney’s 1961 film. The series follows the adventures of Dylan and Dolly, and their parents Doug and Delilah, who have 97 younger puppies, whose names also begin with ‘D.’ The show has been developed by Disney’s U.K.-based originals team with Gigglebug Entertainment in Helsinki.  The series is lead produced by the amazing Passion Animation Productions in London with animation by the wonderful Atomic Cartoons in Vancouver.  At Gigglebug Entertainment, we have been part of the concept development and creating digital content to accompany the series. We are super proud of the results!  Here is a link to one of our favourite shorts so far, “Space Pups”. The shorts have been fully produced and animated here at Gigglebug’s studio in Helsinki for Disney; directed by Joonas Utti, story edited by Maria O’Loughling and executive produced by Anttu Harlin.

Last Kids on Earth

Last Kids on Earth is a Netflix Original animated series based on the best selling children’s novels by author Max Brallier. The series follows 13-year-old Jack Sullivan and a band of suburban middle schoolers who live in a decked-out tree house, play video games, and battle zombies in the aftermath of the monster apocalypse. The series has been developed and brought to life by the fantastic team at Atomic Cartoons. Following our partnership with Atomic on 101 Dalmatian Street, we teamed up again to animate the Last Kids on Earth shorts a.k.a. The Apocalyptic Survival Guide”.  The apocalypse is definitely better with friends like these!

Our next production

We are currently piloting a brand new animated comedy for 6-9 year olds.  It is looking outrageous, abominable, very furry, yellow and quite unstoppable. Characters full of heart and humour with beautiful designs. Details are still under wraps but we just can’t wait to spill more news on this one!!

Development slate

We have a number of new and exciting projects in development.  All the new brands carry our own flavour of silliness, positivity and purpose. We will be present at industry events sharing more details on these gems!



Thursday, October 10, 2019

ROLE: Story Artists and Storyboard Artists

New openings start in February / March 2020. Gigglebug Entertainment is recruiting Story Artists / Storyboard Artists for an original 2D series.  The 50 x 11′ animated comedy is for children (6-9) and their families. The show combines action, fast paced comedy and expressive characters. We’re looking for experienced artists that can deliver thumbnails and boards with strong posing and dynamic staging. Artists to work in-house in our Helsinki studio, although remote working is a possibility. In the Gigglebug Studio, you would be part of a small team and work in close collaboration with the director, animatic editor, and layout artist. Qualities we especially look for are: an eye for acting, skills in staging and composition, ability to pitch story solutions, ability to work collaboratively, ability to work under schedules and deadlines. And a love for cartoon comedy.

Please send enquiries, and portfolios to:


Helsinki office

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